Back Lavatory archives

Back Lavatory at the Belgian Punk Contest 18-03-1978 (Ancienne Belgique, Brussels)


Bass guitar : Buffalo débile alias Oscar schraverus

Lead vocals : Piero 'tferdomme alias Pierre-Etienne Donnet

Lead guitar : Jerry Can alias Stéphane Robin

Drums : Al Capote alias Eric Noël (R.I.P)

0-Intro (Back Lavatory)
1-Pissin too much (Back Lavatory)
2-Problem Child (Back Lavatory)
3-The Power and the Glory (Back Lavatory)
4-One Two Three Four the Count's correct (Back Lavatory)
5-91 dB Overdose (Back Lavatory)
6-White Plague (Back Lavatory)
7-Spanish Pogo (Back Lavatory)

First public appearence at the "PIC HARDY (Namur, Belguim)

Local press review